Farm Visits

From April through October apprentices from all participating farms gather at one farm for a visit and/or workshop. There are 11 visits over the season on Saturday mornings or Monday afternoons. Each visit includes an overview of the farm as well as a hands-on demonstration of one or two specific topics. Mid-season one of the farms hosts a mid-summer party and social. At the end of the season there is a final meeting to discuss possible next steps to help apprentices get closer to farming on their own.

We hope to:

  • Give a broader experience to interns than they can receive on their farm alone.
  • Provide a peer base to help interns connect with others who share similar goals.
  • Increase the skill base in sustainable agriculture.

Here is a list of subjects we hope to cover with our students during the farm visits:

  • greenhouse/season extension
  • mechanics and equipment safety
  • forestry
  • soil health
  • small scale/start up
  • horse power
  • cover crops
  • dairy
  • mechanical cultivation
  • seeds and genetics
  • integrating crops and livestock
  • diversification
  • business management
  • whole farm systems
  • biodynamics
  • small grains
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